Introducing StealthSurfer II PrivacyStick

Protect your Identity, Job, Career and Family - Don't get your private information stolen. Keep your web, bookmarks, history, cache, and E-mail with you for convenience, privacy, and security.

StealthSurfer II PrivacyStick offers comprehensive protection of personal information, credit card numbers, and financial transactions from online snoops.  Tiny enough to carry on a keychain, and bundled with its own high-speed browser, the USB 2.0 flash drive plugs into the USB port of a computer and allows users to surf the Web with total privacy.

  • Firefox -high-speed browser with enhanced security
  • Anonymizer - anonymous surfing complete network security and IP masking
  • RoboForm - one-click form-fill with secure user ID/password management application
  • Thunderbird - portable e-mail access
  • Hushmail - high security web based e-mail solution

What is StealthSurfer II?
StealthSurfer is a Windows PC compatible key-sized USB device that is preloaded with Firefox, Anonymiser, RoboForm and Thunderbird software configured and integrated for optimum privacy. When using StealthSurfer, all your sensitive Internet files such as cookies, history, and cache are stored on the StealthSurfer device instead of your computer. Should your StealthSurfer fall into unwanted hands, password protection maintains your data's privacy and security. StealthSurfer conceals your surfing habits from anyone who has physical access to your computer. StealthSurfer keeps your surfing information over the NET encrypted hidden and anonymous - it protects your identity. Passwords are stored on the StealthSurfer with 3DES encryption and with the unique password manager log-on to web sites as easy as 1 touch speed dialing ! Advanced and secure E-mail programs are included in StealthSurfer to you can take your E-mail with you in confidence.

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