GARDEN POWER TOOLS from Improvements Catalogue

iconicon Cordless Grass Shears works faster and with less fatigue than manual shears to trim grass around flower beds, along sidewalks. 3-1/8”-wide, Teflon®-coated, black-oxide blades are powered by the 12v Ni-Cad battery pack included (not the wimpy 6v you’ll find elsewhere); runs about an hour per charge. Get a second battery pack so you can recharge one while you use the other! Optional aluminum extension handle telescopes between 30” and 40” long, so you can get off your knees and trim while standing (includes thumb-operated “remote” switch).
iconicon Garden Dig-It® Water Power “Digs” Holes 4 Times Faster Than You And Your Shovel!

No need for endless, back-breaking digging! Simply attach your garden hose to the Garden Dig-it® and let water pressure dig holes for you from 2” to 8” wide, down to 36” deep, in seconds! Garden Dig-it’s cyclonic “drilling” action works in any type of soil, with any home water pressure, so you can use it for planting, mailbox or fence posts, bulbs, trellis, bird feeders. Also ideal for removing deeply embedded stones or roots from the ground. Uses 1 gallon of water per minute. Instructions included. 36” long; tubular steel.

iconicon Long-Reach Rechargeable Hedge Trimmer Trim hedges that are 4' taller than you with this Rechargeable "Long-Reach" Hedge Trimmer!

A regular hedge trimmer is fine for short bushes, but this “long-reach” trimmer lets you trim hedges up to 4’ above your head or in hard-to-reach places! No ladders needed! And don’t worry about the cord getting in your way—there is none! 12v battery pack lets you trim for 30–40 minutes, then recharges in 3–4 hours. (Get the extra battery pack so one is always recharging while you work.) You can adjust the trimmer’s cutting angle, and the pole telescopes to increase the unit’s overall length to about 5’. 9”-long cutting head, with guard. Includes recharger.

iconicon Qwik-Lok™ Pro Electrical Cord Lock Now your extension cord won’t unplug from your electric lawn tool or power tool!

Almost every time you drag a weed trimmer through the bushes (or a heavy power saw around a sawhorse), its cord gets snagged and pulls out of the extension cord. More time wasted, more frustration. But not if you attach the Qwik-Lok™ Pro to your extension cord first! Then you’ll just plug-in your tool’s power cord as usual, and the two cords will stay locked together, until you pull down on the Qwik-Lok™ collar to release! Works like those water quick-connects you’ve seen. You’ll have to cut the plug off your extension cord (up to 16-ga.), then easily fasten the three wires to the Qwik-Lok’s screw contact points. Heavy-duty construction can take a beating. Eliminates burnouts and arcing. For 125v extension cords, up to 15 amps.