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For Dust, Smoke, Gas & Odor Removal, Get The True HEPA Air Cleaner That Does The Job Using 50% Less Energy!

When it comes to better breathing and allergy relief, this true-HEPA filter (with activated carbon and zeolite) gives you 99.97% hospital-clean air as it removes dust, smoke, gases and odors; needs replacing only once every five years! Permafilt™ pre-filter cleans easily with a vacuum from the outside (rather than requiring periodic replacement). All backed by the mfr.’s five-year warranty and filter guarantee.

HealthMate’s highly efficient, permanent split-capacitor motor costs 50% less to operate than most other air purifier motors, consuming only 100 watts of power at its highest setting (as little as a 100w bulb); can run 24 hours a day and never overheat. Virtually maintenance-free! Cleans up to 1,500 sq. ft. twice an hour; has three speeds and 360° air intake for optimum filtration. All-steel construction, with casters for easy portability.

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Oreck XL® Professional Air Purifier moves the air to scrub it clean with 5-stage filtration.

There are other ionizers/cleaners on the market, but they don’t move the air…and if the air doesn’t move, how efficiently can they clean? The Oreck XL® Professional Air Purifier uses a whisper-quiet fan that constantly moves the air through the unit, changing the air in a huge 30’x30’ room once every hour as it destroys bacteria, viruses and mold, and captures cooking and pet odors, chemical fumes, cigarette smoke and other indoor pollutants and allergens as small as 0.1 microns (95% efficiency).

Uses 5-stage filtration: pre-filter, ionizer, electronic collector plates, carbon odor absorber, and negative ion generator; it’s the same technology used on U.S. submarines! Clean the permanent filter with detergent and water; simply rinse and re-insert. Red LED illuminates when the filter needs cleaning.

Set it on a table top, or mount on a wall. Weighs just 10 lbs. to easily carry from room to room. Oreck gives you a 3-year overall warranty plus a 12-year filter guarantee—the best in the industry. Includes one replaceable carbon filter and one fragrance cartridge.

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Ultraviolet light plus ionization improve indoor air quality far better than any filter alone can.

Ever wonder why outdoor air is significantly less contaminated than indoor air? That’s because outdoors, extended and direct exposure to the sun’s UV-C light rays inhibit the reproduction and growth of many germs, including viruses, fungi, bacteria and mold.

This new Air Purifier sits on a countertop or desktop and safely emits powerful UV-C light rays inside its cabinet to sterilize and reduce airborne microorganisms as air passes through. Additionally, an ionizer produces negative ions that bond with interior pollutants and odors to remove them from the air, leaving your room smelling as fresh as a spring morning after a rain shower. For rooms up to 200 sq. ft. UV lamp should be cleaned every three to six months (easily accessible with just a twist and pull). Plugs into standard household outlet; no wiring required. 7-1⁄2 watts. 14-1⁄2” tall.

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Fridge Air Purifier uses natural ozone to neutralize lingering food odors.

Why does everything in your refrigerator smell like last night’s garlic-chicken dinner? Set this compact air purifier on a fridge shelf (like you do with baking soda) to clear the interior air and eliminate nasty odors the way nature does: by generating additional ozone that oxidizes and neutralizes odors! No filters to replace. High/low option. Four “C” batteries (not included) last 4–5 months. 3” dia., 5” tall.

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Air Purifier cleans the air you breathe in more ways than one.

Way #1: Electrostatic filter attracts and traps dust, mold spores, animal dander, pollen, and micron and sub-micron particles; just wash in mild detergent to clean. Way #2: Two ionizers produce negative ions that bond with pollutants for more efficient filter capture, and leave the room smelling as fresh as a spring morning after a rain shower. Ways #3 and #4: Washable 5-layer filter or the replaceable HEPA-type filter; choose to use one or the other depending on your allergy issues and how fast you want the room air cleaned. High/low/sleep speeds. 3.7 air exchanges per hour in a 9’x12’ room. 180-sq.-ft. ionization coverage. Optional-use scent pack included.