AIR COOLERS from Improvements Catalogue

iconicon Personal Air Coolericon Enjoy your own Personal Air Cooler, for when the A/C just doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes you need a little extra blast of cool air to stay comfortable working at a desk, or just relaxing. Rather than lowering the thermostat on that energy-hogging A/C unit, flick the switch on your Personal Air Cooler! Quiet, internal fan blows air over a frozen water bottle and out into your “personal space”. Includes water bottle, condensation catch tray, adjustable vent, on/off switch.

iconicon Heating and Air Conditioning Boostericon Equalizer® Register Heating and Air Conditioning Booster keeps any room comfortable all year ’round.

Heating and Air Conditioning Booster -- If poor air flow is making the temperature of a room less than comfortable, you need the patented Equalizer® Register Heating and Air Conditioning Booster to automatically pull up to 80% more heated or cooled air into the room. Heating and Air Conditioning Booster boosts your heating and air conditioning system air flow with minimal energy cost (less than a 40w light bulb).

Don’t use energy-eating appliances, or adjust your thermostat, when all you really need is a register Heating and Air Conditioning Booster! This Heating and Air Conditioning Booster contains no heating or cooling elements.

iconicon Portable Air Conditionericon Portable Air Conditioner rolls from room to room, as you need it…no permanent (nor semi-permanent) installation!

This is not one of those ineffective air “coolers” you’ve seen. This is a true, self-contained air “conditioner”, one that’s vented outdoors and needs no water…but it also needs no permanent or semi-permanent installation (like window units), so you can roll it wherever and whenever you need it!

Continuously exhausts the room’s warm, humid air out through any window or door. 10,000-btu air conditioner cools and dehumidifies up to 38 pints of moisture per day from a 17’x20’ room! Evaporated moisture is exhausted through the 6’-long vent hose, so no condensate tank is needed. Set the comfort level you desire with the digital-temp. thermostat, and choose from two fan speeds. Choose “continuous on” or use the 12-hour “on” timer, perfect for bedtime.

iconicon Room To Room Fanicon Spread The Heat From Room To Room, & You'll Save On Heating Bills

If you have a fireplace, wood stove or space heater warming one room, this whisper quiet, compact fan will circulate that warm air into an adjoining room, and balance the temperatures for even comfort. Your furnace won't have to work so hard, so you'll save money. Mounts easily in corner of door frame (hardware included); measures 7"x7", and just 3" thick, so it won't interfere with door closings.

iconicon Reiker™ Room Conditioner Ceiling Fanicon Unique Ceiling Fan also works as a heater in winter!

Though a basic ceiling fan can be used in winter to circulate a room’s heated air, this Reiker™ Room Conditioner Ceiling Fan has four built-in ceramic heaters that actually reheat the air to 230 degreesF after drawing air off the ceiling. By distributing this hot air upward, down walls, across the floor, then up again to be reheated once again, it helps break-up stratification, and creates warm, even temperatures from floor to ceiling. (No need to waste floor space on a space heater, and kids can’t reach it either.) Works as a standard fan in summer too. Ceiling-fan light is an energy-efficient fluorescent bulb that’s equivalent to a 150w incandescent, but uses less than 30w; marbled glass dome.

Remote controls heat, fan and light, and has an LCD display that’s automatically updated every three minutes from the fan to show your actual and desired room temperatures. Maximum heat output of 1485 watts. For rooms up to 20’x20’, with a 10’ ceiling. Three speeds. Five 54”-dia. wood blades. Hard-wiring required. Includes 4’ and 6’ downrods. Steel exterior.